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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Automotive Lift

Avoid These 7 Mistakes When Buying a Lift

Choosing the right automotive lift is essential for any garage or automotive shop. A reliable lift not only improves productivity but also ensures safety and efficiency. However, making the wrong choice can lead to costly mistakes and potential hazards in the workplace. Here we will discuss the key factors to avoid when buying an automotive lift, ensuring that you make an informed and cost-effective decision.  

Automotive lifts are a crucial investment for any shop or garage. They provide the necessary elevation to perform service, alignments, and inspections. However, making a hasty decision without considering essential aspects can have detrimental effects on your workspace and the safety of your technicians. 

1) Not Assessing Your Needs Properly

One common mistake when purchasing an automotive lift is not evaluating your specific needs accurately. Understanding the types of vehicles, you will be lifting, the available space in your garage, and the frequency of usage is crucial. 

Coats Company offers 2 Post, 4 Post, Scissor, and Mobile Column lifts designed with versatility in mind. Our lineup comes with multiple options to accommodate various vehicles and be able to perform the requested service. Additionally, the lifts feature multiple adapters, including options for EVs, Heavy-Duty, and other various types of vehicles, making them suitable for a wide array of applications. 

2) Neglecting to Research Brands and Manufacturers

Choosing a reputable brand and manufacturer is paramount when buying an automotive lift. Ignoring this aspect can result in poor quality, inadequate safety features, unreliable performance, and unexpected costs of time and money. 

Coats is a trusted brand known for its structurally designed lifts, incorporating premium components and adapters. Our lifts boast innovative 2N1 and symmetrical 3-piece arm options, ensuring flexibility and versatility for lifting different vehicles. Brett Baranauckas, Associate Product Manager at Coats, emphasized the unique features of Coats’ lifts, stating, “Our lifts are engineered with precision and durability in mind, utilizing premium components and advanced manufacturing techniques. They incorporate cutting-edge technology to simplify alignment, improving lift functionality and enhancing productivity in automotive shops.

3) Overlooking Safety Features and Certifications

Safety should always be a top priority when selecting an automotive lift. Neglecting safety features and certifications can lead to unexpected accidents and injuries. “Our ALI Certified Lifts are designed with versatility and safety in mind, offering multiple lifting options for various vehicle types,” said Baranauckas. “Additionally, our lifts come with a range of adapters, ensuring efficiency across diverse applications and vehicle types, setting us apart in the market and emphasizing our commitment to productivity and quality.” 

Coats lifts are ALI certified, meeting industry safety standards. They’re equipped with essential safety features ensuring a safe lifting experience for technicians. 

4) Ignoring Long-Term Costs and Maintenance

Failing to consider the long-term costs and maintenance requirements of an automotive lift can result in unexpected expenses down the line. 

Coats ALI-certified lifts are built to last, featuring innovative designs that keep maintenance low and technician productivity high. This ensures a cost-effective, long-term investment for your garage or autobody shop. We feature our lifts with serviceable options and premium components to outlast the lift. 

5) Underestimating Installation and Space Requirements

Improper planning for installation and underestimating space requirements can pose significant challenges during and after the installation. 

 Most of our lifts offer options for flush or surface mounting, providing flexibility during installation. Additionally, we provide different height and width adjustments to not only accommodate the desired vehicles you will be servicing but also ensure that the lift will fit the desired space. For your convenience, click here to take our pre-install checklist. 

6) Failing to Consider Future Expansion or Needs

Not considering future growth and expansion can limit your garage’s capabilities and necessitate an additional investment in the future. 

Coats lifts are designed with adaptability in mind. They offer configurations for alignment or service, providing the flexibility to accommodate future needs and expansions. We have also designed our lifts to meet the ever-changing needs of newer vehicles being released with a wide range of adapters and finding new ways to stay ahead of the competition. 

7) Relying Solely on Price as a Decision Factor

While price is important, basing your decision solely on it can lead to compromising on quality and features. We try to maximize the total ROI so that you can make the most profit. For your convenience, you can calculate the ROI of your lift using our ROI Calculator. 

Coats offer lifts with a perfect balance of affordability and quality. By investing in our lifts, you ensure durable, safe, and reliable equipment for your automotive workspace. “We prioritize the total cost of ownership by engineering our products with premium components,” said Baranauckas. “Including accessories like our top-rated rolling Jack. Our products not only excel in construction but also in engineering, outperform the competition. We offer diverse lift options, from alignment scissors to four-post, to suit various shop needs.” 

When purchasing an automotive lift, it is crucial to avoid these common mistakes to ensure you get the best value for your investment. Coats provides ALI-certified 2 Post, 4 Post, Scissor, and Mobile Column lifts with a range of options, including adapters for different applications. Make an informed choice to enhance safety, productivity, and efficiency in your garage or workshop. For further information and questions, click here to connect with our team.