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Tread Depth Scanner

  • LED & 3D Technology

  • Automatic Reading

  • Instant Analysis

A tablet depicts a technician named Chris Johnson, his title as a shop foreman, and ASE certification logo and Honda Master Technician logo

First Mover Advantage

Know the condition of your customers’ tires as they drive in your shop, with instant readings and no labor required.

A Ford truck enters a garage and is about to drive over a Coats tread depth scanner mounted on the floor

How it Works

Driving over the platform triggers the system to take instant readings of tire health and generates a tire health analysis for your customers that’s easy to read and understand.

A technician in the driver seat of a car holds and reads a tablet displaying information about the car’s tires’ tread

A Visual Selling Tool

The data visualization graphics can be displayed on a monitor, PC, tablet, smartphone or printed copy and can help close service sales for tires, alignment and suspension.

A rainbow of scatter light from the tread depth scanner LED lights reflect onto the black tire that is rolling over the scanner
A small camera sits in the Coats tread depth scanner and is protected by a glass-like barrier
A flat, Coats tread depth scanner that is flush to the floor
The Coats tread depth scanner has LED lights that are protected and covered by a glass-like cover that is easy to clean.

The tire health report is created using 60 data points per millimeter over 17 inches of tread read area. 2 HD cameras and LED lights reads a wider area with fewer errors to give a true 3D reading and detect wear pattern.

The camera mounted between the platform takes a photo of the car’s license plate as the vehicle passes by, without needing external sensors.

The Tread Depth Scanner comes in both a surface mount and a flush mount design.

Both the surface mount and flush mount have no moving parts and are not sensitive to dust or debris, unlike laser systems.

Optimize the Warranty Window

Capture tire work and retain customers at the critical 3-year customer defection point for dealers.

Protect Customer Data

An internet connection is not required for the Tread Depth Scanner. It operates with a self-contained system that allows you to keep customer data private.

Pair the Tread Depth Scanner with the Inspection Lane System

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