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Alignment Check

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COATS Alignment Check Inspection Lane

A dark blue toyota pulls into a service garage and drives past two alignment check towers on each side of the car

Drive Through Alignment Checks

Requiring no operator and no wheel clamps, the vehicle is simply driven through the Coats Alignment scan towers to automatically generate an instant alignment report.

A close up view of the LED lights on the edge of an alignment tower as a gray Volkswagen SUV is about to drive past the tower while slowly entering a service garage

Dynamic Measurement

State-of-the-art rolling vehicle profiling measures individual toe, total toe, side-slip and more to help identify faults in steering, suspension, and wheel distortion that no conventional measurement devices can provide.

A pdf printout titled “Alignment Advisory Report” shows that the car that drove through the alignment towers have a “Service Recommended” alert. The report also shows the front and rear axle health

Alignment Health Analysis

The analysis is then instantly made available to the service advisor and technicians on their workstation and/or through the print-out.

A top-down view of blue toyota that is about to drive through the Coats Alignment Check towers and the Coats tread depth scanner
The desktop interface of the Coats Alignment Scanner system has color coded red, green, or yellow boxes that have an image of the car and the car’s make, model, and license plate in each box
The footprint of a single alignment tower is 25.25 inches long and 9 inches wide, taking up relatively little floor space. The tower is silver and black
A desktop screenshot of a manager’s dashboard gives a summary of how many alignment checks were performed, how many alignment services were identified, and how many services were sold.

The Coats Alignment Scanner system works by performing a high-resolution laser scan of both sides of the vehicle as the vehicle passes through the tower. A quick analysis determines the alignment angles of the wheels, and measurements are compared to the ANPR database specs.

The intuitive interface shows that cars in green don’t need an alignment check. Cars in yellow are good candidates for a quick measure on the aligner, and cars in red are good candidates for an alignment.

The small, compact towers are sleek, unobtrusive, attractive. and don’t distract from your service drive’s décor or colors.

Service managers can analyze and review daily, weekly, and monthly service lane results to keep track of profitability and opportunities.

Complete Your Inspection Lane

Buy the Coats Tread Depth Scanner and Bodyguard with the Alignment Check System to fully inspect your customer’s vehicle quickly and accurately.

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