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  • Vehicle Damage Defender

  • Easy Installation

  • Secure Cloud Storage

The shorter Bodyguard tower with three cameras stands next to the taller tower with five cameras. Both towers are black with vertical white stripes and have a decal that says “Bodyguard.”

Vehicle Damage Detector

Automatically capture the state of the vehicle’s exterior for body repair estimates and to protect your shop from fraudulent damage claims.

A close up view often high definition cameras placed on opposite sides of the bodyguard tower

High Def Cameras

Bodyguard captures the smallest scratches and dents with high resolution imaging. Images and videos of the vehicle leaving your shop are automatically logged into the cloud for future reference.

A desktop view of the Bodyguard interface shows a live feed of a white mercedez benz that pulled into a dealership service bay


Bodyguard streamlines the intake vehicle inspection process to help relieve stress on your team and increase check in efficiency.

A top-down view diagram illustrates that two Coats bodyguard towers can be placed at the entrance of a service lane, one on each side of the entrance a car can drive between the towers
A desktop view of the Bodyguard interface shows the mouse cursor dragging the zoom feature to zoom in on the camera feed filming a white SUV.
A desktop view of the Bodyguard interface shows the ability to search camera recordings by typing in license plate information and dates.
A black car drives past a Coats bodyguard tower, and a bright, LED beam of filtered light illuminates the body of the car so the camera can capture damage details

A pair of Bodyguard towers can be placed at almost any convenient location near an entry way or service lane to optimize vehicle intake and protect your shop from incorrect claims.

6 high definition cameras capture hundreds of images in seconds so you zoom, pan, download, and share current vehicle condition easily and quickly or compare images with historical data.

Our system uses automatic number-plate recognition technology to read vehicle registration plates and personalize the inspection report.

The integrated sensor detect when a vehicle drives through so that the system is automatic and only used when needed. 20,000 lumens of light define damage details that are often missed.

Pair With Coats Inspection Lane

The Coats Tread Depth Scanner and Alignment Check System works perfectly with Bodyguard to fully inspect your customer’s vehicle quickly and accurately

Graphical illustration of an appointment calendar

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