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Certified Lift Inspections By Coats

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A heavy duty white truck sits on a raised scissor lift with black runways. An ALI Certification logo is in the lower left corner

Have You Scheduled Your Annual Lift Inspection?

Annual vehicle lift inspections are required by health & safety standards

A white SUV is on the runway of a raised Coats Alignment Scissor lift.

Why Does My Lift Need Inspected?

Every time you or your employees walk under a car on a lift, you trust that lift with your life. You must be confident that the lift has been properly certified, maintained, and inspected. ANSI / ALI ALOIM is the National Safety Standard covering automotive lift operation, inspection & maintenance. An ALI Certified Check 360 inspection verifies that your lift meets these safety standards.

What’s the Lift Inspection Procedure?

Our Coats Inspectors use the ALI Check360 Certified Lift Inspection Program which includes an extensive examination of the lift structure, electrical and mechanical components, as well as a review of training logs, operating instructions, and safety materials. Check 360 lift inspections meet all the requirements of the national safety standard governing lift operation, inspection, and maintenance, ANSI/ALI ALOIM (current edition).

A black car is jacked up while on a standard length Coats alignment scissor lift

What Kinds of Lifts Can We Inspect?

Coats’ ALI Certified Lift Inspectors have completed a rigorous training & testing regime. ALI Certifications are your assurance that our inspectors are qualified and vetted to inspect all types of automotive lifts including 2-post, 4-post, scissor, wheel-engaging mobile, and in-ground lifts. Our Certified Lift Inspectors can inspect any make or model of automotive lift.


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