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  • Real Time Reporting

  • Streamline Workflow

  • Increase Productivity

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A tablet depicts the job orders and statuses that are assigned to a car with timers tracking time elapsed.


Smart Shop helps technicians run more efficiently by providing real-time visibility in bays and collecting data that identifies operational bottlenecks.

A white Bayley logo that says “Smart Shop”

Dynamic Reporting

Real time dashboards display information to improve customer satisfaction and productivity.


Track 12 critical points across your service journey with live views and real-time updates of every vehicle until completion.

A two post lift has a Bayley Smart Shop sensor attached to the top of the lift and a caption says, “sensors easily mount to lift arm or post or above in-ground lifts.” Another caption says, “accurately capture the time vehicle has been in lift or technician bay”
A desktop view of dashboard gives an overall summary of top services performed, service goals, how many cars were worked on, and how many hours were billed
A diagram details car’s journey through different stages of dealership service, emphasizing how 72 minutes are spent on a lift and how Bayley can identify the reasons for why a car is being serviced for that long
A tablet leaderboard ranks 3 technicians names based on their efficiency percentage

Installs in most dealerships in under a day. Easily mounted sensors capture and relay work time, and data is visible on the tablets that are magnetically mounted to the lift arm or post.

Get full transparency into critical efficiency and productivity KPIs for each technician, service bay and overall production.

Track 12 critical service points between R.O. creation & close time, including bay entry/exit, M.P.I. start/end time, labor operation completion and asset tracking.

Remove roadblocks to reduce technician productivity and satisfaction to increase hours turned.

For Service Departments

Capture tire work and retain customers at the critical 3-year customer defection point for dealers.

Graphical illustration of an appointment calendar

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