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6500 Wheel Alignment Machine

  • Fast & Easy Alignments

  • Save Custom Specs

  • Mobile & Flexible

Vector drawing of a Coats Aligner in front of a red, empty, surface mount alignment rack in a shop.

What Do I Need to Add Alignment?

Learn about what lift conditions and shop set up is needed for proper alignments.

COATS 3D Aligner Demo

Key Features of our Wheel Alignment Machine

The desktop monitor of the Coats wheel aligner shows the main menu selection with “Quick Measurement” as the highlighted, selected mode

Easy For New Techs

Our world class software is easy to use. The “Quick Check” feature can perform quick compensation and automatically print an inspection sheet to hand to your customer.

Mobile Cabinet

The aligner cabinet is on wheels so it easily moves from bay to bay to maximize productivity, alignment revenue, and to save space. 

Cordless Vin Decoder

Automatically enter year make and model by simply scanning VIN to save time and reduce technician error. Unlike other aligners, our handheld vin decoder comes standard at no additional cost.

Wheel Alignment Machine Pre-Install Check Checklist

A screenshot of the desktop monitor shows all measurements and advanced diagnostics of the car being serviced with a diagram of the cars wheels in the center of the screen
A technician uses his mobile phone camera to scan the QR code on the aligner’s desktop monitor
QC20 clamps have three arms that grip the outer edge of the tires and are tightened by turning the small wheel where the three arms of the clamp converge

Tough to solve alignment issues can now be solved easily on one screen that shows all advanced and diagnostics measurements. No need for additional targets and measuring routines like other aligners.

The power camera beam automatically move to track targets on any alignment rack. Raise or lower vehicle to a comfortable working height without having to move the cameras.

Technicians’ smart phones can double as a rear remote for viewing alignments numbers. Service writers can show customers alignment results right from a tablet.

Easy to use clamps grip the tires instead of the wheel to prevent damage to expensive alloy wheels. QC20 clamps never touch the wheel for damage free wheel alignments.

Custom Alignment Bay

Combine the CWA 6500 Wheel Aligner with the 12K Scissor Lift or 15K Four Post Lift to provide your technicians with industry-leading tools to make alignment productive and profitable.

Get Our Industry Leading Tread Depth Scanner

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