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Space Saving Wheel Balancers


Car and Light Truck

up to 30” Rim Diameter

up to 16” Rim Width

38” Max Tire Diameter

5 Balancing Modules

LCD Video Display with Soft Touch Keys

A&D Arm Data Entry

Live Position Indexing Guidance

6 o’clock bottom center laser

36.96″w x 39.60″d x 52.32″h Footprint


Car and Light Truck

10”-30” Rim Diameter

2”-16” Rim Width

38” Max Tire Diameter

5 Balancing Modes

LED Matrix with Soft Touch Keys

Distance/Diameter/Width Auto Data Entry

Auto Lock & Auto Brake

48″w x 18″d x 35″h Footprint

Explore Direct Drive Series

Coats 1300 wheel balancer, red and black machine with a tire ready for balancing.D


The Coats Company 1500 Wheel Balancer


The Coats Company 1600 3D Wheel Balancer


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Made in Nashville.

Find out how and why COATS is proudly built in Nashville, Tennessee.
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