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Finding Your Total Shop Solution

Finding Your Total Shop Solution

With most Americans keeping their vehicles for longer periods of time and driving for more miles, it’s easier and more convenient for them to go to a one-stop shop for their vehicle service work. That means more customers are coming into a tire shop expecting they’ll be able to buy a new set of tires and get them serviced as well as get their vehicle checked for general repairs. Is your shop equipped to handle this added service?

You can be by investing in good equipment. Having reliable equipment is a huge factor in shop capability and productivity. If you’re taking on more service work, it helps to find an equipment manufacturer that offers a total shop solution, or a supplier that can provide a full line of lift, wheel and tire and inspection lane equipment, and service what they sell.

The Perks

Tire dealers can benefit from having all of their wheel and lift equipment from the same provider when it comes to service. If your equipment needs serviced, one service professional is able to fix and maintain all of your shop’s equipment in one stop. They can do this quickly and easily with parts in stock on their service van. Plus, you’ll get one invoice from your equipment provider if there are additional charges. No need to track down more bills or pay multiple providers.

In addition, technicians benefit from using a variety of equipment from the same brand. This means a technician can work on any machine, and it works and functions the same as all the others in the shop. When the equipment is the same between tire changing stations at the same store or even from store to store, it means tire technicians can cover and fill in where they’re needed with no additional training. This also allows a shop to streamline their training efforts and partner with an equipment provider that can handle their needs.

Ease of Doing Business

As a tire dealer, you’re inundated day in and day out with solving operational issues and finding the best way to take care of your customers. Using a “total shop solution” equipment provider gives you the ease of doing business with one brand you know and trust. It also allows your shop staff to home in on the equipment and how each piece works together in creating a better customer experience.

We’ll use Coats as an example: A service advisor or technician can use Coats inspection equipment (the Coats Tread Depth Scanner and Alignment Towers), which measures tread depth, alignment angles and estimated braking distance, etc., the moment a customer arrives. This helps shop personnel identify needed service work such as tires and/or an alignment. Once the needed services are explained to the customer, new tires can be mounted and balanced (with Coats tire changers and wheel balancers), and the vehicle can go straight to the aligner (the Coats CWA 6500 Wheel Aligner on a Coats 12K Scissor Lift) for a fresh alignment to be certain those tires last for many miles. When equipment needs serviced, a service professional in your area with the Hennessy Service Network can service any piece of equipment in one stop.

Sticking with one equipment provider can smooth out your shop’s operations and allow it to service customers’ needs to the fullest, adding to their satisfaction and your bottom line