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Coats to Bring Dealer Service Solutions to NADA 2024

Coats Dealership Services, a global leader in automotive service equipment, is set to make a lasting impression at this year’s National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) event, booth #4307W, held at The Las Vegas Convention Center. This year Coats will not only be showcasing some of their top-of-the-line wheel service equipment, but their inspection lane, productivity management solutions and their new EV service offerings.  

“We are thrilled to be a part of NADA again this year,” said John Petty, Key Account Manager at Coats Dealership Services. “Our aim is to empower dealership service departments with advanced tools that enhance efficiency, transparency, and overall customer satisfaction.” 

At booth 4307W, Coats will present a comprehensive range of solutions aimed at optimizing dealership service departments. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to witness live demonstrations of the Coats Inspection Lane Equipment and Coats Smart Shop—a real-time data tool seamlessly integrated with Dealer Management Systems (DMS) that helps measure and manage service department efficiency.  

Modernizing the Service Lane

One of the big draws this year at the Coats booth will be the modular, automatic, and touchless inspection lane system. The Coats Inspection Lane System represents a unique approach to vehicle inspection, enabling instant alignment and tire tread condition checks as vehicles enter the service lane. This automated, touchless system generates real-time reports, fostering transparency and enhancing customer trust. In addition, the Coats Bodyguard System module adds another layer of value for dealers. The system is designed to capture ultra-high-definition images of a vehicle’s body condition upon entering the service lane. These images, combined with other vehicle data, provide a comprehensive record for future reference and help defend against fraudulent damage claims.  

“We’ve had dealers come back to us after using the system for a few months and being blown away that they’ve doubled or even tripled their alignment sales thanks to the inspection lane,” said Petty. “Plus, with the Bodyguard system, it’s saving them thousands of dollars in damage payouts now that they have documentation for every vehicle that comes through their lanes.”

Coats EV Solutions

Round pad with with a point and green O ring fitting.

COATS will also showcase its Electric Vehicle (EV) adapters at NADA 2024. The EV line not only features exceptional lift options to service EV vehicles but also accessories engineered to prioritize safety and efficiency. 

“We take pride that all of our lifts are ALI certified,” said Brett Baranauckas, Associate Product Manager for COATS. “Plus, our lifts’ premium components ensure a lower total cost of ownership through reduced maintenance and repair needs.” 

COATS ensures that their lifts and accessories are meticulously designed to avoid any damage to the battery or the vehicle’s undercarriage while reaching complex lift points. Highlighting the safety concerns associated with servicing EV vehicles, Coats will preview a set of EV puck-style adapters, particularly popular with Tesla owners and other manufacturers entering the EV market. These adapters ensure no metal contact and prioritize technician safety. While designed to address the increasing variety of EV models, Coats adapters exhibited versatility, extending their functionality to non-EV-specific vehicles.   

Coats Smart Shop: Optimizing Workflows

In today’s fast-paced automotive service industry, efficiency and precision are crucial to success. Coats Smart Shop is designed to address common challenges faced by service departments, ensuring seamless communication and efficient workflows. 

Coats Smart Shop is a comprehensive two-part integrated IoT smart sensor system designed to streamline operations and boost productivity within automotive repair facilities. The system empowers technicians to communicate swiftly, accurately measure working time on flat-rate jobs, and access critical vehicle information without leaving their workspace. 

Features of Coats Smart Shop include bay entry & exit time tracking, individual job start and end times, M.P.I. start and end times, idle bay time monitoring, asset tracking, and R.O. creation and close time automation. This system sets the stage for the future of automotive service, offering benefits like talent retention, improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue and profitability, automatic updates, technician scheduling, and leaderboards. 

“With these invaluable insights and actionable data, businesses can streamline their processes and make informed decisions to enhance productivity and efficiency,” said Jenna Kuczkowski, Product and Brand Specialist for Coats. “To best manage your service department, you need to be measuring those key metrics constantly. Smart Shop not only accomplishes measuring those metrics, but it helps you act on those metrics in real-time.” 

Coats Smart Lot: Effortless Asset Management

Smart lot key tag with cell phone showing how to use the smart lot app and a diagram illustration of the smart shop system. Background is aqua and purple.

Complementing Smart Shop, Coats Smart Lot is made up of a network of connected smart devices to track vehicles and keys in your dealership. This technology provides accurate tracking and location information for keys and vehicles throughout their visit lifecycle, reducing inefficiencies and enhancing accountability.    

“Until now, there wasn’t a great way to really keep track of vehicles and keys in a centralized platform,” said Kuczkowski. “Now instead of just knowing which employee last had a key fob, you can track EXACTLY where it is on the lot down to the millimeter. Saving you that lost time and revenue of searching for or having to replace an expensive fob.”  


The Coats Service Network: Fast Support When Dealers Need it

A Coats service technicians manages his customers service requests on an ipad while leaning against a service van that says Coats Service Network

The Coats Service Network comprises factory-employed and trained technicians strategically located across the country. This network, backed by a Nashville-based tech support and call center, embodies excellence in service and support for Coats equipment and Coats supported equipment. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction, the Coats Service Network is a key element of Coats Dealership Services’ mission to elevate dealership operations. 

“Our Service Network is not just a support system; it’s a commitment to our customers’ success,” said Brent Radtke, Director of Product & Strategy at The Coats Company. “We know how important preventing downtime is to our dealership customers, and we pride ourselves on our timely service. Our factory-employed technicians bring a wealth of expertise to ensure that our customers receive the best service possible.”

How to Connect with Coats Service Network

For seamless access to the Coats Service Network, customers can reach out through multiple channels: 

Email: Contact the Coats Service Network via email at 

Online Service Request Portal: Submit an Equipment Service Request conveniently through our website’s service request portal. 

Phone: Call the Coats Service Network directly at 800-688-6359 for immediate assistance.

Join Us at Booth #4307W During NADA 2024

“We’re excited to showcase Coats Smart Shop and Smart Lot at NADA 2024, where attendees can experience firsthand how these solutions improve productivity and enhance operations in the automotive industry,” said Radtke, “Attendees are encouraged to visit booth 4307W to experience live demonstrations, explore the latest technology, and interact with the Coats team. Coats Dealership Services representatives will be available to address questions, offer insights, and provide in-depth information on how their solutions can transform dealership operations.  

Visit Coats Dealership Services at booth #4307W during NADA 2024 to explore the future of automotive dealership services. 

About The COATS Company

Coats is a global leader in manufacturing and distributing wheel service, alignment, lift, and inspection equipment for the automotive market. With a legacy of over 75 years, Coats is committed to delivering equipment that is “Engineered to Perform, Designed to Last.” Their products are built with quality, durability, and usability in mind. To support their customers and their Coats equipment, they have a dedicated team of top-notch direct technicians across the United States. They are proud to be made in Nashville, Tennessee while supplying equipment globally to their customers. Drawing on decades of expertise, market perspective, and innovative engineering, Coats keeps repair shops, tire dealers, big box retailers, and car dealerships rolling and ready for rapid industry evolution.