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Smart Lot

  • Geofencing

  • Track Cars & Keys

  • Automate Alerts



A desktop of the Smart Lot interface depicts a large map in the left corner with two location markers that show the locations of a car key and a car.

Track Any Key & Vehicle On Your Lot

Using live data on the web and mobile app, you can search by RO#, Vin# or Stock# to quickly identify the location of any key and vehicle.

A Bayley white logo that says Smart Lot.

Increase Dealership Efficiency

Save time hunting for keys and eliminate paper hang tags and hats that can’t be tracked. Empower your employees by giving them a tool to cut down time and frustration and chaos.

An aerial view map with color coded zones and location markers to indicate geofenced areas in car dealership.


Set up your own zones and use smart devices to precisely locate any vehicle or key. Get automated alerts when vehicles or keys move through the service process or leave the selected geo-fence.

A mobile view of the Smart Lot interface has a blue-purple arrow in augmented reality that points forward in the direction of where to walk.
On the left, a plastic sleeve saying “Smart Lot” hangs from a car with a small, white smart tag sensor in the sleeve. On the right is the Smart Lot sensor that looks like a handheld rectangular box with the “Smart Lot” logo on the rim
A desktop of the Smart Lot interface shows a list of vehicles that have been in the shop for over one hour and another list showing which cars have been in detail for over one hour
An iphone lock screen on a customer’s phone shows a notification saying “the technician has completed your vehicle and an advisor will reach out shortly.”

With guided directions, AR will walk you right to the vehicle or key, and it works on mobile app or tablet for any user.

Smart Hang Tags and key sensors are placed inside your customers’ cars, while indoor & outdoor scanners search for vehicles and keys.

Easily track vendors, service and detail while they work on the vehicle so you can spend more time focusing on sales and running your operation top notch.

Set preferences for alert triggers to email or phone, keep your customers in the loop, and keep your employees focused on generating revenue.

For Service Departments

Reduce headaches and decrease policy expenses. No more keys need to be written off to service or sales policy because they’ve been lost.

Graphical illustration of a blue appointment calendar

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