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The Coats Equipment & Service Network Advantage

Dealer Principle and Fixed Ops Directors alike can agree that the quality and level of service they receive from their vendors is ESSENTIAL to preventing excessive downtime in the service department. That’s why Coats Service Network prides itself in backing the Coats brand of premium service equipment with dedicated, factorytrained service techs ready to take on any job.  

Leveraging the Coats Service Network: Unmatched Support

The Coats Service Network stands out for its exceptional support, offering efficiency and convenience. 

“We know downtime is costly, and with technicians coast to coast we can address the needs of our customers, reduce the downtime costs, and keep your investment running smoothly,” said Paul Lambertucci, National Service Manager for the Coats Company. 

Comprehensive Support System

The network comprises factory-trained technicians and a dedicated tech support center, guaranteeing swift and proficient service whenever required. 

“With our Service Network’s internal support team and the hands-on rigorous training provided to our technicians, there is no problem or issue that our service team can’t handle,” added Lambertucci. 

Expertise and Training

Technicians in the Coats Service Network undergo rigorous training, possessing the knowledge to adeptly handle Coats equipment and provide exemplary service. 

“We stand out from the rest of our competitors as we do not use third-party service,” said Lambertucci. “They go through a two-week factory training where they receive hands-on training with all our equipment.”  

Coats technicians are factory-trained on everything from our wheel service equipment to alignment and even our automatic vehicle inspection lane. Additionally, after their training, they’re placed in the field with a seasoned technician. That shadowed field experience helps them to gain experience not only with equipment but also with building customer relationships and understanding how to best support them.  

Customer-Centric Approach 

Focused on minimizing downtime and maximizing equipment lifespan, the Coats Service Network ensures seamless operations, aligning perfectly with service directors’ goals. 

“While we focus on helping you maximize your equipment’s lifespan,” said Lambertucci.  

“We also track equipment costs within our system so our techs can help owners and service directors make informed decisions as to when your equipment has hit the point of replacement.” 

Our goal at Coats is to provide all our customers with a 48-hour time of service repair. We not only perform your repairs, but our technicians, listen to the customer to help solve pain points with certain applications. This could be a needed adaptor, or consumable that will make the shop more efficient and reduce their customer comebacks. We don’t only repair, we help solve issues to keep you and your shop running smoothly.  

Optimizing Service Experience with Coats

Dealers deserve a dedicated partner that’s going to be easy to work with and quick to assist. Equipment is only as good as the team dedicated to supporting it and when you choose Coats, you’re picking the best in the business.  

“I always say, you can buy the best, but if you can’t get it fixed in a timely manner then honestly how good is it?” Said Lambertucci. “With our Factory Direct Service Team supporting your equipment, you now have the best of both worlds.”  

When you purchase a piece of Coats equipment, you’re getting a superior product backed by superior service that will keep you up and running without worry. 

Streamlining Service Operations with Coats Equipment

Not only does our service team help your dealership get things done quickly and efficiently; our equipment is “Engineered to Perform. Designed to Last.” which means less repairs, less downtime, and less headache for you. Coats equipment epitomizes precision engineering, offering quality, innovation, and seamless performance.  

Leading-edge Technology

Coats equipment boasts state-of-the-art technology, ensuring precise readings and operation. From tire changers to wheel balancers and automatic inspection systems, these tools optimize service speed and quality. Our cutting-edge machinery and solutions for enhancing shop productivity are specially designed to boost service sales, enhance technician performance, and raise customer satisfaction levels. When you work with Coats Dealership Services, you acquire a total shop solution crafted to suit your dealership’s distinct requirements. From tire changers and wheel balancers to advanced diagnostic equipment and lifts, we provide the tools necessary to streamline your service processes, reduce downtime, and optimize technician productivity. With Coats by your side, you can offer faster turnaround times, deliver superior service quality, and ultimately boost your dealership’s bottom line. Learn more about how you can transform your dealership service department here with Coats Dealership Services

Unwavering Reliability

Coats equipment is built to withstand high-volume service demands, ensuring longevity and consistent performance, thereby reducing downtime. 

“Our equipment is built in the heart of Tennessee with our customers in mind,” said Lambertucci. “When developing our equipment we put it through the paces to ensure longevity. So you can rest assured that when you buy a Coats unit, it’s in for the long haul.” 

Choosing the right equipment and support network significantly impacts a dealership’s success. Coats offers not just machinery, but an ecosystem focused on elevating service excellence. 

For service directors seeking enhanced efficiency, top-tier service, and streamlined operations, embracing Coats equipment and tapping into the Coats Service Network’s expertise is a game-changing decision. Ready to elevate your dealership’s servicing? Contact us for more information on Coats Dealership Services. Let’s power up your automotive service center together! Discover the Coats advantage and transform your dealership’s service department today!