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The Value of Adding Wheel Alignment to Your Shop

The Value of Adding Alignment Services to Your Shop featuring the Coats CWA6500 3D aligner

You’ve likely considered adding alignment to your shop, but the cost of equipment versus the return on investment has always held you back. Fortunately for your business, there’s a great need in the market for alignments. With around 50% of vehicles out of alignment, performing alignments in-house is the perfect profit center for shops.

Let’s dive into exactly how!


You want to keep your customers happy and coming back to your shop.  One way to do that is to ensure that their vehicle’s tire and suspension components wear evenly so they can get the most life out of them, A key reason why these components wear is vehicle misalignment.  By using an aligner like the COATS CWA6500 3D-Aligner, you can do an alignment quick check and present your customer with an easy-to-read report on their alignment health. Catching an issue before it causes your customer to have to replace components prematurely can help you build trust and a stronger relationship with that customer. Even if the quick check comes back in the clear, the report is a powerful tool to reinforce the thoroughness of your shop and assure the customer that everything is functioning properly on their vehicle. Keeping your customer’s car driving straight is key to keeping their vehicle safe. Make your service facility a key partner in creating peace of mind for your customers.



Shops looking for ways to capture more repair work from new or existing customers are perfect candidates for an alignment machine. Free alignment checks are a great way to help identify cars that need an alignment OR even a suspension component issue. Say a customer comes in for an oil change, but while the car is already up on the rack, you do an alignment quick check with your new Coats’ aligner and notice their alignment is off. Instantly you have a report from the machine and can recommend the customer add the service. OR maybe you want to sweeten the deal to encourage customers to get tires from your shop, so you create a tire change, balance, and alignment combo deal. You’ll save the customer some money, make some yourself, and create a lifelong customer. Making sure that customers are “in the know” about the conditions of their vehicle is an important part of building a good relationship. Customers should always have the opportunity to get their cars in tip-top shape. To learn about what you need to do before adding an alignment machine to your shop – take the aligner quiz.


Shops are always looking for ways to maximize labor hours on each RO. A quick toe adjustment using a 3D aligner can take as little as a few minutes to complete making alignment a high profit prospect. Since alignment is 100% labor, you can charge customers for it as part of a new tire sale or tire maintenance package, and it pays for itself. Many shops that use an aligner, such as the CWA6500, report realizing ROI in as little as three months.  An investment in a new alignment rack can also expand your tire service offerings. If a shop is using an older rack with limited weight capacity, a new lift rack from an equipment provider like Coats can allow your shop to service heavier trucks, like cab trucks or even fleets.  Plus, with EVs becoming more and more common, getting a lift that can accommodate every vehicle that comes into your shop like Coats lifts is critical.


Alignment tech has evolved to increase the return on investment over time. The measuring and setup have been made easier for technicians and improved the learning curve dramatically for the technician using the equipment. Providing alignments is a considerable source of income for today’s modern shops. Trading in your old aligner for a new feature-packed, highly profitable Coats aligner will drive your business and profitability to the max. The Coats CWA6500 for example has the core functionality your shop needs to get started right away and get alignments done quickly and accurately. Additionally, the Coats pairs easy-to-use software that walks you through the alignment process with their included tire-gripping clamps, VIN scanner, and large LCD display to create an all-in-one package. Did we mention the aligner has wheels so that you can move it from bay to bay to maximize productivity?

Adding alignment services to your shop is a smart move that benefits both your customers and your business. By offering this essential service, you improve customer retention, drive profit, and position your shop as a reliable choice in the automotive industry. Embracing alignment services is a strategic investment that can lead to long-term success and growth.

To learn more about the Coats CWA 6500 Aligner, click here for more information.