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Choosing the Right Car Lift for EV Servicing: Key Factors

Key Factors in Selecting the Ideal Car Lift for Electric Vehicle Servicing: A Comprehensive Guide

The rapid surge in electric vehicles (EVs) has reshaped the automotive industry, necessitating specialized equipment for their servicing needs. One crucial piece of equipment is the car lift, which is pivotal in safely and efficiently maintaining EVs. When choosing the right car lift for servicing electric vehicles there are several key factors to consider. In this comprehensive guide, well dive into the key factors you should consider when choosing the ideal car lift for your facility.  

Load Capacity and Vehicle Compatibility

Electric vehicles tend to have different weight distributions and battery placements than traditional vehicles. So, evaluating the lift’s load capacity and ensuring compatibility with various EV models is vital. Look for a lift designed to support the weight and dimensions of EVs, offering safe and stable elevation during maintenance. You’ll also need to consider what type of service you’ll be performing on the EV, as removing certain components from the vehicle will adjust the center of gravity. EVs, with their unique designs and structures, may require specific lift heights for efficient servicing. Ensure that the car lift you choose offers sufficient lift height to accommodate electric vehicles comfortably. Coats considers factors like weight distribution, battery placement, and overall compatibility in the design of its EV lifts.  

“The design of our lifts when it comes to EVs focuses on utilizing the correct lift points,” said Brett Baranauckas, Associate Product Manager for Coats. “With our symmetrical option, we ensure the vehicle stays balanced and the technician stays safe.” 

Lift Design and Versatility

The lift’s design should accommodate the unique features of electric vehicles, such as battery placement and structural modifications. Consider a lift with adjustable arms and adapters to cater to diverse EV configurations.  Utilizing the correct manufacturer lift points and recommended accessories will ensure no damage to the vehicle. Versatility in lift design ensures seamless servicing for different EV models and future advancements.   

“Our lifts are always evolving for the ever-changing EV landscape,” said Baranauckas. “Coats has various types of lifts, each with different capacities and ways to reach complex lift points. We continuously update our line of adapters to make sure you’re using the lift safely with each vehicle.” 

Investing in a durable and well-constructed car lift is a smart decision for any automotive service center. Consider lifts made from high-quality materials that can withstand the demands of daily use. Stainless steel or corrosion-resistant coatings can contribute to the longevity of the lift, ensuring a solid return on your investment. Servicing electric vehicles efficiently is essential, and the car lift plays a significant role in achieving that. Choose a lift that is user-friendly, allowing technicians to operate it seamlessly. There are also several factors that you must avoid when buying an automotive lift to ensure that you make an informed decision. Read more about those factors here.  

Safety Features and Certifications

Safety is paramount in any automotive service setting. Prioritize lifts with advanced safety features, including overload protection, locking mechanisms, and non-conductive adapters. Look for lifts compliant with industry standards and certifications, such as ANSI/ALI ALCTV, ensuring adherence to safety protocols. Coats knows that safety is paramount when it comes to electric vehicles. Safety features are incorporated into Coats automotive lifts to ensure the secure servicing of electric vehicles. All our lifts use the most reliable materials and are assembled in North America, backed by an ALI certification. When lifting EVs, we have specialty adapters to make sure no metal-on-metal contact is being made,said Baranaukaus. 

Manufacturer Support and Service

Select a lift from a reputable manufacturer offering reliable maintenance support and readily available spare parts. Look for lifts from manufacturers with robust support and service networks. Having access to reliable technical support, maintenance, and available spare parts ensures minimal downtime in your service center. Look for access to comprehensive user manuals, training, and technical assistance to maximize the lift’s lifespan and minimize downtime. 

“Coats is always finding new ways to stay ahead by keeping the technician in mind,” said Baranaukaus. “We understand every lift will be used in many ways, and that keeps us focused on new roads.” 

Choosing the right car lift for servicing electric vehicles demands careful consideration of a range of factors. By prioritizing safety, adaptability, and efficiency in lift selection you’ll ensure optimal servicing conditions for your shop or dealership. Ready to elevate your electric vehicle servicing? Contact your local Coats representative or contact us directly for more information on our cutting-edge Coats EV service lifts. Let’s power up your automotive service center together!