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Coats Launches Five New Products at SEMA 2019

The Coats Company debuted five new products at its booth #43087 at the 2019 SEMA Show.

A Coats rim clamp tire changer has a tire on the tabletop and is exhibited on the show floor at the 2019 SEMA Show

The LaVergne, Tennessee-based manufacturer of tire changers, wheel balancers and accessories launched new tire changers and wheel balancers as well as an HTS inflation tool. More about the new products is below:

PS 3000 Tire Change

Ideal for custom or specialty wheel shops, the APS 3000 features Coats’ leverless Duckhead bead lifting tool, that helps eliminate traditional tire tools, and automatically offsets from the rim to prevent wheel damage. Its tilt-back tower provides the operator with more room to work and holds the tool position automatically. Its auto-retracting Robo-Arm automatically swings back to the home position after use to stay out of the operator’s way.

9028E Tire Changer

Coats 9028E tire changer features a tilt-back head angled for no interference on second bead removal. It also has improved bead loosener action with cam operated bead loosener that ensure contact with wider tires at the proper angles to minimize wheel damage, Coats says. The 9028E also features power taper rollers, a pneumatic drop center and swing-in that rollers handle approximately 90% of the effort required to change even the toughest tires so that technicians can concentrate on efficiency, according to Coats.

1600 Direct Drive Wheel Balancer

The 1600 Wheel Balancer is powered by Direct Drive, which features a motor and spindle combined into a single, pre-balanced assembly that always stays calibrated to zero. It features ProBalance Technology, a unique balancing system that minimizes both static and couple unbalance, plus its Speed Thread technology provides the ability to thread the hub nut at the push of a pedal to improve the ease-of-use and speed of mounting the wheel, Coats says. The 1600 Wheel Balancer is now also available in a black finish.

885 Wheel Balancer

The Coats 885 Wheel Balancer features Direct Tape-A-Weight placement, using audible beeps to indicate the exact placement of Tape-A-Weights to help take the guesswork out of tricky behind-the-spoke balances. Its integrated LED Matrix with soft-touch keys offers a convenient, easy-to-read data interface for faster, more efficient balancing, Coats says. The 885 is also

designed with a small footprint to give shops the flexibility to fine-tune their workflow process as they grow.

HTS Inflation Tool

Coats’ HTS Inflation Tool offers a solution for difficult to seal applications such as low profile and run-flat tires and can be easily adapted to a Coats tire changer. It allows for high-volume airflow through valve stem ports to seat difficult beads, Coats says. The tool is designed to stay within manufacturers’ air pressure specifications and keeps airflow away from the operator’s chest and center body.

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