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Hennessy Industries Becomes The Coats Company

Nashville, TN – The Coats Company, a leader in automotive service equipment, is excited to announce its re-brand from “Hennessy Industries” to “The Coats Company”, signaling the company’s commitment to strategic growth in the industry. 

The move comes as the COATS brand becomes the forward driving force of the company. COATS is doubling down on its commitment to the automotive service sector with its expanded offering of not just tire changers and wheel balancers, but a total shop solution, consisting of automotive lifts, wheel aligners, and even vehicle inspection and shop productivity products. 

As part of the rebranding effort, COATS has updated its logo, visual identity, and website to reflect a more modern and customer-centric approach. The new brand identity embodies the company’s values of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction while also positioning the company for future growth.  

“We are proud to introduce our new brand identity, which reflects our commitment to the industry and our customers,” said Ben Pryor, VP of Commercial for Coats. “With this update, our brand is better positioned to reflect the quality of our products and one that resonates with our customers, partners, and stakeholders.” 

The modernization of the brand is part of a broader effort by Coats to position itself for strategic growth in the industry. As the company continues to expand its product offerings and services, it recognizes the importance of always staying true to its vision. 

“The real source of innovation within the industry are the people working in shops every day and we want to show how dedicated we are to providing truly tech-first equipment,” Pryor said. “We are committed to not only providing easy-to-use equipment but also equipment that will LAST.”  

Part of the rebrand included a significant overhaul of the company’s new website:  

“This new site really puts an emphasis on user experience,” said Jenna Kuczkowski, Product & Brand Marketing Specialist for Coats. “We wanted to make sure that, no matter who you were or how familiar you were with Coats, you could easily navigate the site and find all the information you needed. We’re in a new era of Coats and we wanted the website to reflect that.”  

Along with the website, Coats has rolled out new branding on each of their social channels including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. The newly re-launched channels will give customers and partners alike a way to connect with Coats and stay up to date on product releases and news.  

Coats has also launched a new monthly e-newsletter, “Coats Community,” to keep current customers and industry members current on everything Coats, including promotions and technical content. To sign up, head to to stay in the loop. 

“We’ve already gotten a very positive reception from industry shops and partners,” Kuczkowski said. “Plus, we’re only getting started. We’re already planning the next phase of growth, and we can’t wait to share it with the market. 

To learn more about The Coats Company, visit Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and updates by following The Coats Company on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.


Coats is a leading wheel service, alignment, lift, and inspection equipment manufacturer and distributor. They engineer, manufacture, and build equipment, accessories, and consumables for the automotive market. Their products are built with quality, durability, and usability in mind. To support their customers and their Coats equipment, they have a dedicated team of top-notch direct technicians across the United States. They are proud to be made in Nashville, Tennessee while supplying equipment globally to their customers. Drawing on decades of expertise, market perspective, and innovative engineering, Coats keeps repair shops, tire dealers, big box retailers, and car dealerships rolling and ready for rapid industry evolution.