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Coats Launches Maxx Tire Changer Upgrade Kits

Nashville, TN, 4/16/24 – The Coats Company, a leading provider of automotive service equipment, has announced the release of three new upgrade kits for their Maxx Tire Changer line. These add-ons are designed to enhance the performance and versatility of the Maxx Tire Changers, ensuring that they continue to meet the evolving needs of automotive service professionals as their shops grow.

One of the key features of the Maxx Tire Changer line is its upgradability, allowing shops to customize their equipment to suit their specific needs and preferences. With these new upgrade kits, shops can invest in a Maxx Tire Changer knowing that they can easily expand and enhance its capabilities as their business grows.

“We designed the different Maxx Tire Changer models so that there’s a Maxx for every need and every shop,” said Kyle Harris, Sr. Product Manager for Coats. “But since our machines are so durable, we also understand that the machine you bought last year might not suit your needs next year. With these kits, we make it EASIER than ever for you to upgrade your existing Maxx machine without hassle.”

The three add-on kits are for Coats’ Robo Roller Arm, Robo Helper Arm, and the Bead Loosener Foot Pedal:

1. Robo Roller Arm Add-On: The Robo Roller Arm add-on provides additional power when mounting difficult tire assemblies, preventing the bead from rolling back over the mount tool. With foot-pedal operation added to the bead loosener, technicians can choose their preferred method of operation. The Robo Roller Arm is the perfect enhancement for the Maxx 70 tire changer.

2. Robo Helper Arm Add-On: The Robo Helper Arm is designed to push the tire bead into the drop center of the rim, facilitating effortless mounting and dismounting of tires. This add-on is ideal for the Maxx 50 tire changer.

3. Bead Loosener Foot Pedal: The Bead Loosener Foot Pedal gives technicians the flexibility to choose between hand or foot operation when loosening tire beads. Compatible with both the Maxx 70 and Maxx 50 tire changers, this foot pedal adds convenience and efficiency to the tire changing process.

Each kit can add value and function to the machine with just a quick call to The Coats Service Network.

“At Coats, we’re serious about creating and helping maintain products that LAST,” said John Falatok, Director of Service for Coats. “With these new add-on upgrade kits, The Coats Service Network can continue to help you enhance your equipment in even more ways.”

The Coats Service Network has created a seamless install process for these new upgrade packages. With authorized, factory-trained techs stationed throughout the U.S., it allows for a quick response and minimal downtime for shops.

“We pride ourselves in providing efficient and precise service no matter what the job for our customers,” said Falatok. “With The Coats Service Network, you can be sure you’re getting the best service possible, OEM factory direct parts, AND peace of mind with our parts and labor warranty.”

For more information about the upgrade kits, visit our accessories page. For more information about our Maxx Tire Changers, click here. To schedule service or contact sales, please use our contact form.

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