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Coats Launches New Alignment Resource

Nashville, TN, 3/37/24 – The Coats Company, a leading provider of automotive service equipment, has created a new resource to help customers and shops everywhere set themselves up for success prior to getting a new aligner installed. Coats’ New Aligner Pre-Install Checklist, along with an accompanying video, is the latest piece of educational content the company has put out. The digital tool is designed to simplify the process of determining if a customer’s location is ready for their new alignment system, making it easier than ever for automotive shops to upgrade their equipment. 

“What we see in the field all too often are shops who want to get into doing alignments, but their facilities aren’t yet properly set up to do so,” said Kyle Harris Sr. Product Manager for Coats. “We also see lots of shops who have an existing alignment rack that’s been improperly installed by someone else or that is in need of repairs; both of which need to be corrected before an aligner is ever installed in the shop, regardless of brand.” 

The COATS Aligner Pre-Install Checklist considers all these potential issues and walks the user through all their options. This not only can help shops debating alignment if they’re ready to proceed but help shops who have just purchased an aligner make sure any issues are addressed prior to installation so they can start aligning vehicles as soon as possible.  

Some items covered in the interactive checklist include facility spacing, removal of obstructions, leveling of the alignment rack, and condition of the turnplates.  

“We created this checklist not just to streamline the aligner installation process but also to identify any issues for the customer that would cause them to get incorrect alignment readings,” said Brett Baranaukas, Associate Product Manager for Coats. “We want our customers to have the best experience possible while limiting any downtime during install and we believe this checklist will only further improve that experience.” 

At Coats, the goal has always been to put our customers first and we’ve committed to creating more tools and resources like this to assist them.  

“Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the world of alignment, our Aligner Pre-Install Checklist provides valuable insights and instructions to ensure a successful alignment system setup,” added Harris. 

To access the checklist, visit the alignment page on our website or go directly to the checklist here.  

Additionally, check out the full instructional video on the process here. 

For more information about Coats Alignment Equipment and the Coats Pre-Install Checklist, please get in touch with us here.