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Coats Inspection Lane System

A Full Touchless SystemWith Instant Results

Complete Your Dealership

The Coats® Inspection Lane System uses cutting-edge technology to provide dealerships with an automatic tread depth and alignment check as a vehicle enters the service lane.

Complete Your Dealership
Normal X-Ray
The LED lights of the Coats tread depth scanner are glowing bright turquoise.

Easy Maintenance

With no moving parts, the Inspection Lane System is low maintenance and can handle dust and debris.

A technician holds a tablet horizontally to view the tire tread depth health report of a vehicle

Optimize the Warranty Window

Capture tire work and retain customers at the critical 3-year customer defection point for dealers.

Build Customer Loyalty

Your proactive approach to your customer’s vehicle care will build loyalty and greater customer satisfaction.

Get the Automated Coats Tread Depth Scanner

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Made in Nashville.

Find out how and why COATS is proudly built in Nashville, Tennessee.
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