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12,000 lb Two Post Lift

Maximize Uptime and Productivity
A white chevy truck is lifted on a Coats two post lift
The yellow arms at the base of the lift column are opened and ready to receive a car
Asymmetric, yellow lift arms are folded to be parallel to each other to show the different lengths of the arm

2N1 Model or Symmetrical Model

Caption 1: Easy access to approved lift points with 3 piece offset front & rear lifting arms for asymmetric and symmetric loading with reinforced carriage arm pin holes and plated gear style arm restraints.

A black pulley on the inside groove of the base of the lift column has a strong, steel cable around it.

Non Fatigue Cables & Pulleys

3/8″ Non Fatigue Cables with 3.5″ Pulleys that are double the lifespan of plastic pulleys, making your lift last longer with less maintenance.

The cross section of a lift column has double steel walls for extra support.

Tube Column Reinforcement

The 2.5” x 1.5” inner tube support lets heavier columns flex less under load.

The power unit has a hydraulic fluid container mounted on the lift post with black, rubber cylinder grommets.

US Made Power Units That Last

The energy efficient US Made Bucher 2HP power unit typically lasts the life of the lift with a single point lock release and rubber motor mounts to reduce motor noise.

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