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15,000 lb 4 Post Lift

There’s Only One Name in Lifts, And That’s Coats.
A black sedan sits on a red, 4 post lift that has yellow front wheel stops
steel coil of cable

Heavy Duty Cables

North American cables are pre-stressed non-twist providing resistance to heat and corrosion.

A close up of the adjustable hardware near the yellow front wheel stops of Coats open front lifts

Adjust With Ease

With Camber Neutral Technology on our open front lifts, runways can be easily adjusted and leveled without shimming under posts, even as internal components wear over time.

Steel ball bearings sit in rows, under the lift rear slip plates, on raised beams with open slots between the beams

Open Runway Slots

Under the rear slip plates are openings that prevent water, dirt, and other debris from collecting. With enclosed plated steel slip plate balls raised, this lift is ideal for all weather and shop conditions.

Two steel pulleys are side by side on the underside of a four post lift’s runway

Premium Pulleys

Our 9” machined steel pulleys are stacked two high (compared to four) to reduce stress and wear on components.

All 15K 4 Post Options

Part NumberColorsClosed or Open FrontAlignment or ServiceStandard or ExtendedOverall LengthRunway LengthIncluded Accessories
4T415CSSR1Red, BlueClosedServiceStandard257 7/8"210"--
4T415CXSR1Red, BlueClosedServiceExtended284 7/8"237"--
4T415OSSR1Red, BlueOpenServiceStandard257 7/8"210"--
4T415OXSR1Red, BlueOpenServiceExtended284 7/8"237"--
4T415CSAR1Red, BlueClosedAlignmentStandard260 1/2"211"--
4T415CXAR1Red, BlueClosedAlignmentExtended287 1/2"238"--
4T415OSAR1Red, BlueOpenAlignmentStandard260 1/2"211"--
4T415OXAR1Red, BlueOpenAlignmentExtended287 1/2"238"--
8K4P15SKITPRed, BlueOpenAlignmentStandard260 1/2"211"Rolling Jacks, Steel Turn Plates, Roll Back Bars, Airline Kit
8K4P15XKITPRed, BlueOpenAlignmentExtended287 1/2"238"Rolling Jacks, Steel Turn Plates, Roll Back Bars, Airline Kit

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Onsite Training

We’ll send our factory-trained, full time Coats technicians to your shop to train your technicians!

Built to Last

Coats products are made with high grade materials that are built to withstand the toughest working conditions