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Coats’ ALI Certified Lift Inspections: Elevate Safety

Ensure Safety and Compliance with Coats’ ALI Certified Car Lift Inspections

As a crucial element in automotive service, the safety and reliability of your car lift cannot be overstated. In today’s ever-changing world of automotive service, choosing the right partner for lift inspections is pivotal. At Coats, we offer an innovative approach to streamline processes and prioritize safety with our ALI Certified Check360 Lift Inspections—designed to ensure the utmost safety and compliance for your automotive lifts. 

Why Inspect Your Lift?

The safety of everyone using a car lift is a priority. With the ANSI/ALI ALOIM National Safety Standard governing lift operation, inspection, and maintenance, a certified inspection is vital to ensure compliance and safety. Getting your lift inspected is crucial for both compliance with industry standards and the safety of technicians, especially in smaller shops that may not know it is essential. 

“These technicians not only have to stand by their work, but they have to stand UNDER it and everything that goes along with that,” said Mike Kroll, District Service Manager for the Coats Service Network. “Being an automotive service technician is one of the very few jobs that requires a man to stand underneath tons of iron that’s suspended in the air every day. So, it’s important to know that these guys are protected when it comes to lift safety.” 

No matter how large or small your shop or service department is, lift inspections are essential for protecting those in the industry. Coats Service Network prioritizes safety and compliance, safeguarding both technicians and the reputation of your shop. 

Types of Lifts Covered

Our ALI Certified Lift Inspectors have undergone rigorous training and testing, guaranteeing expertise in inspecting various automotive lifts. Whether it’s a 2-post, 4-post, scissor, wheel-engaging mobile, or in-ground lifts, our inspectors are qualified to evaluate any make or model. 

“The great thing about our certified lift inspections is that our customers are going to get a total 360 safety check of their equipment WITHOUT being sold on unnecessary repairs,” said Kroll. “Since the inspection is being done by an unbiased third party that doesn’t perform the required service on the lift, you can have confidence that we will give you our professional recommendations on any lift brand.” 

Inspection Process

Coats’ expert inspectors follow the ALI Check360 Certified Lift Inspection Program, conducting a thorough assessment encompassing structural, electrical, and mechanical components. The inspection also reviews training logs, operating instructions, and safety materials, ensuring comprehensive compliance with the ANSI/ALI ALOIM safety standard. 

Partnering with Coats for Comprehensive Lift Inspections

Why Partner with Coats for Lift Inspections?

In the automotive service industry, having a trusted and comprehensive lift inspection provider is indispensable. Here’s why partnering with Coats for your dealership’s lift inspections is an investment in safety and efficiency: 

Easy Access Document Portal 

Managing paperwork and lift documentation for all your car lifts can be time-consuming. Partnering with Coats for lift inspections brings a major advantage in efficient record-keeping. Our system ensures that safety inspections and certifications are seamlessly managed online, ending the need for cumbersome paper processes at the dealership. That’s why Coats makes accessing your documentation quick and seamless with its proprietary database and online portal.  After your lift inspections are complete, you’ll receive a copy of the report PLUS login access to the portal.  

“Let’s say a dealership that had fifty lifts, which means fifty inspection reports, and now the dealership must figure out how and who is going to manage these reports,” said Kroll. “That problem is usually laid on to that service manager. 

Other lift inspection companies keep their customers’ reports but force you to reach out to them directly and jump through hoops to secure a copy of YOUR lift information. Unlike other providers, our forward-facing database allows customers direct access to their records, setting us apart in the industry.   

“Not only does that make it super easy for whoever owns a lift, but in terms of dealerships with multiple bays, it simplifies the process, making life easy,” added Kroll.  “Our proprietary database ensures that managers can effortlessly access vital information without the hassle of sifting through paperwork or relying on third-party requests.” 

With Coats Certificated Lift Inspections, not only can you be assured you’re getting a thorough safety inspection, but that it will be available to you instantly should you need to reference it.  

Streamlined Multi-Location Support 

Dealerships often operate across multiple locations, each equipped with several types of lifts. Partnering with Coats for lift inspections offers a dealership perspective that prioritizes efficiency, safety, and an unbiased approach. Coats’ expertise extends to all kinds of automotive lifts, ensuring that every lift at every dealership location meets safety standards. Our service network simplifies the process, allowing for centralized management and scheduling across all locations. 

 “This is an unbiased inspection with a total focus on lift safety,” said Kroll. “Our focus is strictly on safety. It’s not about selling service or selling new equipment.” 

Convenient and Hassle-Free Scheduling 

Shops and dealerships have busy schedules, making it crucial to have a lift inspection provider that accommodates their timeline. Our easy scheduling process makes even multiple locations hassle-free, providing convenience for busy managers. Our easy appointment scheduling ensures minimal disruption to daily operations. 

Comprehensive Inspection for All Lift Types 

We inspect them all regardless of make or model. This comprehensive coverage means shops and dealerships can rely on one trusted partner for inspections across their entire fleet of lifts, streamlining processes and ensuring consistent safety standards. 

A Coats Lift inspection ensures the utmost safety for your business by thoroughly examining every crucial aspect. 

“Our team is qualified to educate lift owners on what the lift safety standard is, how to be compliant with those standards, and what compliance means,” added Kroll.  

Beyond a mere inspection and certification process, our inspectors go the extra mile in educating customers on compliance standards. This not only sets Coats apart but also provides lift owners with valuable insights into their equipment’s condition, allowing proactive measures for potential issues.  

Building Trust Through Compliance 

Partnering with Coats reinforces a shop or dealership’s commitment to safety and compliance. Our ALI Certified Lift Inspections not only ensure safety but also mitigate potential liabilities. This commitment to maintaining a safe environment builds trust with both employees and customers, enhancing the shop or dealership’s reputation. 

Partnering with us means ensuring the safety of your team, meeting compliance requirements, and upholding a reputation for excellence. Coats stands out in the industry by offering a streamlined solution for inspection report storage, making the management of multiple locations efficient and easy. Our emphasis on safety, clear in our unbiased inspections, and commitment to technician safety sets Coats apart from the rest. With a proprietary database, customer interface, and a comprehensive approach to the industry’s needs, Coats is the ideal choice for lift inspections that prioritize safety, compliance, and the overall security of your business. Choose Coats for inspections that prioritize safety, compliance, and proactive maintenance, ensuring the longevity of your lifts and the well-being of your technicians. 

Schedule your dealership’s ALI Certified Check360 Lift Inspections today and experience the difference that comes with a trusted industry leader.