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FL Dealership Triples Alignment Sales with Coats Inspection Lane

Peter Boulware Toyota in Tallahassee, FL, has achieved remarkable success by implementing the Coats Automatic Touchless Inspection Lane. This addition to their express service lane not only sped up vehicle inspections, but also significantly amplified their service department sales.

Enhanced Efficiency Driving Sales Surge

According to Steve Shea, the Service Manager at Peter Boulware Toyota, “The Coats Inspection Lane is a game-changer. The installation process was seamless, and it transformed our operations.”

“We were doing 125 alignments per month and were approaching 400 alignments per month now,” said Vaughn Nadeu, Fixed Operations Director for Peter Boulware. The return on investment has been outstanding.”

Dominic, a technician at the dealership noted, “Since adopting this equipment, alignments from our quick service department have notably increased.”

Revolutionizing Vehicle Inspections

The touchless nature of the inspection lane has streamlined their processes. Mike Floyd, a Service Advisor, explained, “It instantly checks tread depth and alignment as vehicles drive over the plates on the service drive.”

Courtney Lynn, another Service Advisor, added, “The system generates a detailed report for the customer within seconds, offering unprecedented efficiency.”

Trust and Customer Retention

The high-quality camera system of the Coats Inspection Lane has been crucial in building trust. Mike Floyd emphasized, “The advanced camera system surpasses anything we’ve used before.”

Customers appreciate the transparency and accuracy offered by this advanced technology, enhancing the dealership’s reputation.