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Coats Adds New Wheel Lift for Maxx Tire Changer Series

Nashville, TN, 3/27/24 – Coats, a leading automotive service equipment manufacturer, has announced a brand-new addition to its accessory line: the Maxx Wheel Lift. This addition to the Maxx Tire Changer Series makes even the heaviest assemblies a breeze to handle, all while prioritizing operator safety and efficiency. 

The Maxx Wheel Lift boasts impressive capabilities, lifting assemblies to a tabletop height of 29 inches with unparalleled speed and ease. Designed to support wheel assemblies weighing up to 150 pounds, this must-have accessory ensures efficient and hassle-free operation for tire changers of all sizes. 

One of the standout features of the Maxx Wheel Lift is its user-friendly design, which includes an easy-to-operate foot pedal. This intuitive control mechanism allows technicians to effortlessly lift and maneuver heavy wheel assemblies, reducing the risk of back or muscle strain during tire changing procedures. 

“The New Coats Maxx Wheel lift is a purpose engineered, tire changer wheel lift that is built to the same rugged and exact standards as your Maxx Tire Changers,” said Kyle Harris, Sr. Product Manager for Coats. “This lift will allow technicians to comfortably change heavy and oversized tires from sun up to sun down, keeping your technicians moving and your shop productive.” 

Wheel lifts are essential safety accessories for any shop changing a large volume or large assemblies, regularly.  By incorporating the Maxx Wheel Lift into their operations, shop owners can ensure the well-being of their technicians while enhancing efficiency and productivity in the workplace. 

“As a company committed to producing equipment that promotes technician safety and efficiency, we are thrilled to introduce the Maxx Wheel Lift to complement our line of Maxx tire changers,” said Ben Pryor, VP of Commercial for Coats. “With its powerful lifting capabilities and user-friendly design, the Maxx Wheel Lift will further solidify the Maxx line as a user-first product.” 

The Maxx Wheel Lift can be quickly installed by any Coats Service Network technician. This streamlined installation process minimizes downtime and allows shops to start reaping the benefits of the Maxx Wheel Lift right away. 

To order the Maxx Wheel Lift, visit our contact page. For more information about our Maxx Tire Changer Series, click here.