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Coats Company Expands Presence at AAPEX 2023

Nashville, TN (10/12/23) — Coats, a global leader in automotive service equipment, has announced details for their booths at AAPEX 2023.

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) is set to take place from October 31 to November 2 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year, Coats is not only exhibiting in the Tire Service section of Repair Shop HQ at booth# J9028 but also in Bays #1 and #2 in Joe’s Garage. Both will feature a selection of Coats’ wheel service, alignment, lift, vehicle inspection and productivity equipment.

“With our newest offerings, Coats aims to improve shop profitability by driving workflow efficiency,” said Brent Radtke, Director of Product & Strategy for Coats. “Joe’s Garage is the perfect backdrop to showcase the power of connected devices in automotive service and new developments like Coats SmartShop and SmartLot.”

Wide Product Showcase

Visitors to The COATS Company’s booth at AAPEX 2023 can expect to experience firsthand the company’s state-of-the-art tire service and wheel balancing solutions, such as the all-new Maxx Tire Changer Series and the popular Direct Drive Wheel Balancer Series. Coats will also feature their all-in-one 6500 3D Wheel Aligner, various lift offerings and their automatic vehicle inspection lane. These innovations are designed to address the evolving needs of the industry and empower automotive professionals with tools that boost productivity and elevate service quality.

“We know there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution,” said Radtke. “Whether it’s a product, addressing an issue, optimizing your shop’s footprint, or solving some of the workflow issues you might have in your shop, we’re big on providing a unique solution.”

Lifts for Every Vehicle Type

COATS will also showcase its Electric Vehicle (EV) line in Joe’s Garage at AAPEX 2023. The EV line not only features exceptional lift options to service EV vehicles but also accessories engineered to prioritize safety and efficiency.

“All of our lifts are ALI certified,” said Brett Baranauckas, Associate Product Manager for COATS. “Plus, our lifts’ premium components ensure a lower total cost of ownership through reduced maintenance and repair needs.”

COATS ensures that their lifts and accessories are meticulously designed to avoid any damage to the battery or the vehicle’s undercarriage while reaching complex lift points. The innovative EV puck-style adapters, designed for popular EV models including Tesla, highlight COATS’ dedication to safety and innovation in servicing EVs.

Precision Wheel Aligner

Coats will also be demoing their 6500 Wheel Aligner in Joe’s Garage. The machine offers precise alignment readings that enable service providers to ensure the safety and performance of their customers’ vehicles.

“Our software has features that nobody else offers, and all of these features on our alignment system come standard with the machine,” said Kyle Harris, Senior Product Manager “Our all-measurement screen for example has all the deep diagnostic measurements on there, from wheelbase to rolling radius to cross-diagonal setbacks. All those things that used to take hours and hours for a technician to measure and figure out you’ve got right at the click of a mouse button. It’s a game changer for those tough-to-ALIGN vehicles where let’s say, toe, camber, and caster are all on, but there’s still something that just doesn’t make sense.”

Unlocking Sales Potential with Advanced Inspection Lanes

Coats will also feature their fully automatic inspection lane, offering 360-degree vehicle documentation, tread depth checking, and wheel alignment assessment, all contributing to enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

“We’ve even had a case where a dealership actually tripled their alignment sales just by using the inspection lane in the first three months of having the system installed,” said Jenna Kuczkowski, Product and Brand Marketing Specialist. “They serve as a great example of giving your service advisors the tools they need to sell those products and services to a customer, by having that data to back it up.”

Coats will have a live vehicle moving through the fully operational inspection lane at the show.

Data-Driven Excellence with Smart Shop Solutions

The Smart Shop and Smart Lot solutions from Coats will also be on display this year in Joe’s Garage. These productivity management solutions aim to revolutionize automotive shops’ and dealership operations by optimizing workflow and boosting efficiency. Smart Shop allows businesses to track and analyze key performance metrics, manage schedules, and allocate resources effectively, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

“Then Smart lot takes it a step further and tracks the actual cars, whether that’s the parking lot, parts of your shop, but also where the keys are,” said Kuczkowski. “Coat’s Smart Lot really saves time and money, and they can track these things, the cars, and the keys down to the millimeter.”

Exclusive Show Promotions

Coats is also offers running a Free Goods promo until the end of the year, offering valuable accessories and add ons. Plus, Coats will be running additional promotions to be announced closer to the show.

“So, there’s gonna be some promotions only available at the show,” Radtke emphasizes. “We encourage everybody to make their way out to the Coats booth.”

Virtual Showcase: Can't Attend in Person? No Problem

For those unable to attend in person, Coats has a strong online presence, offering live product demos and live streaming during the show. Updates can be found on the Coats website and across their social media platforms.

The COATS Company invites all attendees to visit Booth J9028 at AAPEX 2023 to experience firsthand the industry-leading tire and wheel service equipment designed to drive efficiency and elevate automotive service standards.

With a strong focus on providing solutions that address emerging industry trends and challenges, The COATS Company is dedicated to shaping the future of automotive servicing. Their presence at AAPEX 2023 is a testament to their ongoing commitment to supporting industry advancements and meeting the evolving needs of their customers.