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Coats Redefines Shop Efficiency with Productivity Software

[Nashville, TN] – The Coats Company, a leading innovator in the automotive industry, is proud to feature its innovative productivity management software, Smart Shop and Smart Lot, at AAPEX (Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo) 2023 in the Tire section of repair shop HQ. Attendees can witness the power of these state-of-the-art solutions at booth #J9028 and Bay 2 of Joe’s Garage. 

In today’s fast-paced automotive service industry, efficiency and precision are crucial to success. The Coats Smart Shop and Smart Lot address common challenges faced by service departments, including misplaced items, lack of information, and the need for seamless communication between different departments. 

Optimize Workflows with Coats Smart Shop

Coats Smart Shop is a comprehensive two-part integrated IoT smart sensor system designed to streamline operations and boost productivity within automotive repair facilities. The system tracks vehicles as they enter, leave, stay, or experience inactivity in service bays. Technicians can communicate swiftly with other departments, accurately measure working time on flat rate jobs, and access critical vehicle information without leaving their workspace. This integration empowers management to identify bottlenecks, enhancing overall efficiency and shop performance. 

Coats Smart Shop offers features such as bay entry & exit time tracking, individual job start and end times, M.P.I. start and end times, idle bay time monitoring, asset tracking, and R.O. creation and close time automation. It also facilitates automated scheduling and inventory management, providing a seamless workflow.  

Coats Smart Shop sets the stage for the future of automotive service, offering features like RO tracking, talent retention, improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue and profitability, automatic updates, technician scheduling, and leaderboards.  

“With these invaluable insights and actionable data, businesses can streamline their processes and make informed decisions to enhance productivity and efficiency,” said Jenna Kuczkowski, Product and Brand Specialist for Coats.  

Effortless Asset Management with Coats Smart Lot

Complementing Smart Shop, Coats Smart Lot includes a network of connected smart devices and geo-fences/blueprints for automotive dealerships and repair facilities. This technology provides accurate tracking and location information for keys and vehicles throughout their visit lifecycle, reducing inefficiencies and enhancing accountability. 

Coats Smart Lot includes features such as smart scanners (gateways), SmartTags installed indoors and outdoors, a digital blueprint of your dealership, and updated timestamps and locations every 15 seconds.  

By integrating Coats Smart Shop and Smart Lot, automotive businesses can achieve unparalleled efficiency, saving costs and ensuring smoother operations.  

 “Smart Shop tracks the vehicle’s presence in the Bay, optimizing workflow efficiency,” said Kuczkowski, as she emphasized the transformative capabilities of Smart Shop. “Smart Lot takes it a step further, tracking cars and keys within the facility, ensuring precise location tracking and cost-saving benefits.”  

Kuczkowski emphasized the importance of this technology for accountability and cost management within the automotive industry.  

“We’re excited to showcase Coats Smart Shop and Smart Lot at AAPEX 2023, where attendees can experience firsthand how these solutions improve productivity and enhance operations in the automotive industry,” said Brent Radtke, Director of Product & Strategy at The Coats Company. 

Join us at booth #J9028 and Bay 2 of Joe’s Garage during AAPEX 2023 to see Coats Smart Shop and Smart Lot in action. For more information, please visit 

About The COATS Company:

Coats is a global leader in manufacturing and distributing wheel service, alignment, lift, and inspection equipment for the automotive market. With a legacy of over 75 years, Coats is committed to delivering equipment that is “Engineered to Perform, Designed to Last.” Their products are built with quality, durability, and usability in mind. To support their customers and their Coats equipment, they have a dedicated team of top-notch direct technicians across the United States. They are proud to be made in Nashville, Tennessee while supplying equipment globally to their customers. Drawing on decades of expertise, market perspective, and innovative engineering, Coats keeps repair shops, tire dealers, big box retailers, and car dealerships rolling and ready for rapid industry evolution.