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Coats Launches Next-Generation Maxx Tire Changers

Hero shot of a Coats 90 Maxx Rim Clamp Tire Changer with a large tire assembly mounted on the tabletop

The Coats Company, a leading manufacturer of wheel service equipment, is introducing its Maxx Tire Changer line, aimed at giving technicians the most sought-after convenience features in tire changers today.

“This is one of our best products ever,” said Rick Kennedy, product manager for Coats. “It really represents a technician-first mindset with ease of use in all features and a simple, approachable design that is engineered to last.”

The Coats Maxx Tire Changer series is defined by three distinct models—the Maxx 70, 80 and 90 —that allow technicians to provide easier, faster and more reliable service thanks to its durability and rugged construction. The Maxx series has been designed to fit high levels of performance into a shop-friendly footprint for today’s packed shops; all while being robustly engineered and tested to 250,000 cycles to make sure they were up to the challenge.

Key features of the Coats Maxx Tire Changer series include:

  • – Flexible Power Options for multiple shop setups from a 110V or air to 220V. For those with big power needs, a 220V, two-horsepower motor option provides twice the power and more torque to tackle tough wheel assemblies.
  • – A two-speed option provides a combination of precision and speed.
  • – Dual Nozzle Inflation System that seals difficult assemblies with ease. The hands-free, dual-nozzle configuration delivers more air, more quickly to reduce wasted time with tough assemblies. It does the work of an air blast tank, but built with safety in mind.
  • – Dual Control Bead Loosener on the Maxx 80 and 90 models. Technicians can now work the way they’re comfortable with both hand-operated and foot-pedal-operated bead looseners.
  • – More Robust Chassis that makes the Maxx series a workhorse even when confronted with a harsh work environment.
  • – The Maxx series can accommodate bigger, heavier wheel assemblies—from 6- to 30-inch clamping capacity—giving technicians two-feet of flexibility to work on whatever comes through the door.

“Being a tire tech is a really labor-intensive job,” said Kennedy. “So, if there are things that we can improve on a machine, we want to do that. By making the technician successful, that success travels up the line.”

Rigorous Testing
In creating this line, Coats product managers and engineers gathered technicians’ earnest opinions and pain points regarding tire changers in the market today. A better inflation system, the option for hand- and foot-operated bead looseners, better clamps and more power were a few areas for improvement.

“We compiled all their feedback and started to stack it up against our brand promise of being the best, easiest to use, straightforward equipment on the market, but at the same time, engineered with hardcore functionality and reliability,” Kennedy said. “We believe that the Maxx series will stand up to any test and is the best tire changer for today’s high-volume tire dealer.” After initial models were made, the Maxx series underwent rigorous years of testing with Coats’ industry partners ranging from independent tire dealers to large corporate partners across the country. “We wanted to really abuse these tire changers, be really hard on them—harder probably than even some of our customers would be just to know where the limits are,” Kennedy said. “You think about running thousands or even hundreds of thousands of test cycles on a single piece of equipment, that’ll take you a little while.”

Easy Upgrades & Same Footprint
The Maxx series is made with flexibility in mind, allowing for easy upgrades. For example, the Maxx 80 and 90 come with both hand- and foot-operated bead looseners as well as our patented RoboRoller arm. If a shop wants to add those features to their Maxx 70, all it takes is a service call to the Coats Service Network to upgrade.

Coats have designed the Maxx series, all made in Nashville, Tennessee, as an upgrade from its X-Series, which features the 60X, 70X, 80X, and 90X models. The Maxx series was designed to be an intuitive switch from the X-Series, as it features similar Coats features technicians know and love, including its space-effective footprint.

“A shop that’s been working with a Coats swing arm tire changer for 15 years and wants to upgrade their equipment can replace it with the Maxx series, and the learning curve is little to none,” Kennedy said. “The tech can just get in there and get back to work without missing a beat.”

We invite you to experience the power of Maxx for yourself. Contact us today to learn more about our new line of products.

“You get a whole lot more for your investment,” Kennedy said about the new Maxx tire changers. “It’s all of the things you’d want and expect from Coats, but with quite a lot more features that come ready to use.”

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About The COATS Company:

The COATS Company is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of wheel service, alignment, inspection, lift , and shop productivity equipment. COATS engineers, manufactures and builds equipment, accessories, and consumables for the automotive market. All of our products are built with quality, durability and usability in mind. In 1947, Gil Coats first designed a wheel holder for changing tractor tires in his farm-implement business. His invention quickly evolved into the world’s first semi-automatic tire changer and it launched one of the most respected and recognizable brands in the tire-service equipment industry. Today, COATS® tire changers and wheel balancers continue to pay tribute to their heritage while providing tire dealers with cutting-edge yet practical equipment design solutions to modern-day application challenges. To support our customers and their COATS equipment, we have a dedicated team of top-notch direct technicians across the United States. We’re proud to be made in Nashville, Tennessee while supplying equipment globally to our customers. Drawing on decades of expertise, market perspective, and innovative engineering, Coats keeps repair shops, tire dealers, big box retailers, and car dealerships rolling and ready for the next industry evolution.