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Coats Releases New CHD 6330 Heavy Duty Tire Changer Model

CHD 6330 Heavy Duty Tire Changer

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – 09/12/23 – Coats, a leading name in automotive service equipment, has continued expanding its heavy-duty line with the addition of a single-phase option to their CHD 6330 Heavy Duty Tire Changer.

The CHD 6330 is a compact HD tire changer that’s designed for shops with moderate to high volume and features jaw-style clamping. Its versatile four-jaw chuck enables swift and secure clamping of diverse rim styles, including de-mountable, reverse disc, standard disc, and off-road wheels. With floating jaws for impeccable grip, a solid single-piece frame for enhanced reliability, and a portable wired control unit for optimal angles, the CHD-6330 accommodates rims from 13” to 27” and tires up to 63” in diameter and 30.5” in width, making it an efficient choice for various applications.

Coats decided to offer this new single-phase model of the 6330 due to industry trends and demands.

“What we found is that we had an extensive number of shops, particularly independent service facilities, that wanted to expand their service capabilities and give themselves the new revenue stream of servicing small agricultural tires as well as tubeless truck assemblies,” said Kyle Harris, Product Manager at Coats. “But many of these customers did not have three-phase power available at their shop or in their building which has prevented them from adding this service. And so that led us to engineer a single-phase voltage solution for those customers.”

The new single-phase 6330 opens the doors to shops that don’t have access to three-phase power, but still want to get into the market. With the ever-changing tire market, the 6330 can help keep shops ahead of that curve.

“19.5s are not only becoming more prevalent in the market and are consuming a larger market share of their particular segment,” said Harris. “But I would also say that because of that, those nineteen-fives are no longer going to commercial truck centers. They’re now going to independent tire dealers to be serviced.”

In addition to 19.5s, the 6330 is also equipped to change things like tubeless truck tires that are 22.5s or dump truck tires that are 24.5s and the wide base or super singles. Harris also said that the 6330 is a great option for servicing agricultural and industrial assemblies.

“Plus, the 6330 is also very user-friendly and doesn’t have a steep learning curve at all so techs can quickly become experts using it,” said Harris. “A lot of assemblies shops struggle to change can be done on the 6330 and done SAFELY by removing the use of a toolbar.”

For shops interested in the 6330 or adding HD service to their shop, please reach out to your local Coats representative or click here to contact us.