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1500 Wheel Balancer

Legendary Reliability. State of the Art Capability.
The black hood of a red wheel balancer is raised
A close up of the direct drive spindle of the Coats 1500 wheel balancer
The capacitive touch screen buttons of the 1500 wheel balancer
A technician using the laser guided operation to find the weight location

Laser Guided Operation

Pinpoints the exact weight location, both radially and axially and eliminates trial and error.

The stop lock index on coats wheel balancer automatically stops spinning the wheel at the weight placement location

Stop, Lock, Index

Automatically positions the wheel at the weight placement location and locks the spindle in place for easy, accurate weight application.


The side shadow board with basic accessory kit comes standard on the 1500 balancer.

A technician using the 3D automatic data entry arm to get the exact measurements of the wheel for balancing

3D Automatic Data Entry

Offers automatic data entry of the distance, diameter and width. This eliminates the chance of technician error and speeds up the balancing process.

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