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16,000 lb Scissor Lift

16,000 lb Capacity Alignment Lift
The black base of the alignment lift has two, small cylinders in the center that point upward

Vertical Breakaway Cylinders

Small auxiliary cylinders help this high-capacity lift move vertically, assisting with initial lifting and reducing operating pressure.

A hero shot of a black and red Coats alignment scissor lift with a gold logo that says “Krown” in the background

Protected Against Harsh Environments

Each lift is internally coated with Krown corrosion inhibitor that ensures for a long service lift in winter and wet conditions.

A closeup view of one chrome ID cylinder at the base of the alignment lift

Less Maintenance

Premium seals riding on the chrome coated ID Cylinders dramatically increases the number of lift cycles before service is required.

A raised Coats alignment scissor lift has a white truck on the runway.

High Capacity, High Flexibility

Ideal for cars, medium duty trucks, vans, and even EV, Coats alignment scissor lifts come in a standard and extended length.

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Onsite Training

We’ll send our factory-trained, full time Coats technicians to your shop to train your technicians!

Built to Last

Coats products are made with high grade materials that are built to withstand the toughest working conditions