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885 Wheel Balancer

Full-Service Capability, Compact Footprin
Close up of the Tape-A-Weights placement

Direct Tape-A-Weight Placement

885 uses audible beeps to indicate exact placement of Tape-A-Weights and take the guesswork out of those tricky behind-the-spoke balances.

Comparison of wheel balancers with arrows to the bulky base on other wheel balancers, the Coats 885 shows it has a smaller footprint in comparison.

Space Saving Design

The 885 balancer is a “small footprint” so it will fit almost anywhere. That also gives you the flexibility to fine tune your workflow process as you grow more easily.

The large hemisphere shaped, hood is lowered onto a wheel that is mounted onto the Coats 885 wheel balancer

Auto Start Hood

Lowering the protective hood starts the balancing process and offers additional protection.

“Plug and Play” Wheel Balancer

The Coats® 885 is a great place to get started. This unit is designed for low-volume, occasional balancing of OE fitments but offers features you will find on much more elaborate machines.

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Onsite Training

We’ll send our factory-trained, full time Coats technicians to your shop to train your technicians!

Built to Last

Coats products are made with high grade materials that are built to withstand the toughest working conditions