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CHD 9041 Heavy Duty Tire Changer

Step Up to a Full Range of Fitment Solutions
Four steel jaw like arms that point radially from a central hub. The length of the arms are adjusted to match and grip the contour of the wheel being serviced

Hydraulic Clamping Chuck

Extended capacity four-jaw chuck, which allows for use on a massive range of applications.

Manually Controlled Tool Head

Use the manually controlled tool head to assist with the mounting and demounting of tough applications.

Sturdy, Solid Frame

The solid, single piece frame is for added capacity and dependability, and the open frame is designed for easy wheel movement.

The All-Around Solution

A great solution for moderate to high volume shops and fleets where fitments vary widely, including agricultural applications.

CHD 6330

CHD 9551

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Onsite Training

We’ll send our factory-trained, full time Coats technicians to your shop to train your technicians!

Built to Last

Coats products are made with high grade materials that are built to withstand the toughest working conditions