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Solving Auto Tech Shortage with Smart Shop Solution

Solving the Automotive Technician Shortage with Technology: The Smart Shop Solution

The technician shortage has plagued the automotive industry for years. With vehicle owners in need of service piling up, coupled with the endless search for qualified technicians and service advisors, it makes for an overwhelming challenge to face. With the ever-increasing wait times for customers, it’s a nightmare scenario for shop owners and fixed ops managers alike. However, the solution to this crisis might not be as distant as it seems. What if while we work as an industry to recruit and train more techs, we tackle another issue: a shortage of productivity in the automotive repair and maintenance industry? 

The Root of the Crisis

Several factors contribute to this crisis. Post-pandemic, there’s been a surge in vehicles needing service. The aftermath of parts shortages has forced vehicle owners to hold onto their cars for longer periods. Simultaneously, finding qualified technicians and service advisors has become nearly impossible. 

A New Perspective: It's Not a Technician Shortage, It's a Productivity Shortage

A new way to look at and attack the technician shortage is the idea of shifting focus from finding more techs (which is sometimes out of the shops’ control) to things you can control: technician productivity. The real issue lies in the stagnation of productivity within the automotive repair and maintenance industry. Productivity in the automotive repair and maintenance industry is down as of last year but has long been stagnant over the last decadeWhile technology has advanced in various aspects of our daily lives, this field has been slow to adapt. Consider how your smartwatch tracks your health, or how your smartphone provides insights into your app usage. In contrast, automotive shops have not significantly improved their productivity.

The Smart Shop Solution

This is where Coats Smart Shop comes in. Coats Smart Shop is a comprehensive two-part integrated IoT smart sensor system designed to streamline operations and boost productivity within automotive repair facilities. The system tracks vehicles as they enter, leave, stay, or experience inactivity in service bays. Technicians can communicate swiftly with other departments, accurately measure working time on flat-rate jobs, and access critical vehicle information without leaving their workspace. This integration empowers management to identify bottlenecks, enhancing overall efficiency and shop performance.  

Coats Smart Shop offers features such as bay entry & exit time tracking, individual job start and end times, M.P.I. start and end times, idle bay time monitoring, asset tracking, and R.O. creation and close time automation. It also facilitates automated scheduling and inventory management, providing a seamless workflow.   

This user-friendly platform can increase shop productivity by up to 16% and reduce turnover by as much as 60%. This translates to both cost savings AND up to 30% in increased revenue.  

Unlocking the Potential: Coats’ Smart Shop

“We’re seeing the technician shortage have huge, deep impacts in our space, and we need to help shop owners find ways to become more efficient and do more with less,” said Brent Radtke, Director of Product & Strategy for Coats. “So, we’re really dedicated to pioneering technological advancements that help shop owners do just that. And we’re going to continue to push and be at the forefront of these developments and set new industry standards, supporting a more connected and efficient future.”  

Let’s take a closer look at what Smart Shop has to offer: 

  1. Enhanced Technician Productivity

Smart Shop streamlines administrative tasks and automates time-consuming processes, allowing technicians to finally focus on what they do best: servicing customers and inspecting vehicles. This approach directly translates into increased billable hours, helping shops to unlock their true revenue potential. 

  1. Reducing Turnover Rates

The revolving door of technicians is a nightmare for many dealerships. The constant recruitment and training process not only cost time and money but also impacts the quality of service. Smart Shop offers a way to break this cycle. By improving working conditions, making tasks more manageable, and increasing job satisfaction, it effectively reduces technician turnover rates. When technicians are happier in their roles, they’re more likely to stay, providing consistency and expertise to the shop. 

  1. Elevating Customer Satisfaction

 In an age where customer satisfaction is paramount, Smart Shop has a significant role to play. The platform’s capabilities allow service advisors to interact more effectively with customers. It enables better communication by providing real-time updates on their vehicle’s status, expected completion times, and any unexpected delays. This enhanced communication not only keeps customers happy but also builds trust and loyalty. 

  1. Revenue Growth

A powerful metric for any business, Smart Shop doesn’t just enhance technician productivity; it directly influences the bottom line. The platform is designed to uncover hidden revenue streams by highlighting inefficiencies in the current workflow. By addressing these issues, it significantly increases shop performance and, consequently, revenue. 

  1. Cost Savings

While revenue growth is exciting, cost savings are just as important. Smart Shop is designed with efficiency in mind. By reducing administrative tasks and simplifying complex processes, it streamlines operations, potentially reducing operational costs. By retaining technicians longer, the costs associated with recruitment and training are significantly reduced. 

  1. Data-Driven Insights

Smart Shop isn’t just about making changes; it’s about making informed changes. The platform provides real-time data and insights into shop performance. This data allows businesses to make data-driven decisions, identify areas that need improvement, and measure the impact of changes over time. In essence, it’s a tool that evolves with your business, continuously optimizing operations. 

  1. Easy Implementation

Smart Shop is designed to be user-friendly and easy to implement. It doesn’t require a massive learning curve or extensive training. Technicians can quickly adapt to the platform, minimizing disruptions to your operations. 

The automotive industry is at a crossroads. It’s not merely a technician shortage; it’s a productivity shortage. With innovative solutions like the Smart Shop platform, the automotive sector has the potential to bridge this gap and elevate service standards, ultimately benefiting both technicians and customers. By boosting technician productivity, reducing turnover rates, and improving customer satisfaction, Smart Shop is more than just a technology platform; it’s a complete transformation of the automotive repair and maintenance business model. The future of the automotive industry depends on adapting to technological advancements and addressing this productivity shortage.