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1185 Wheel Balancer

Step Up to the Next Level
The red laser of the 1185 wheel balancer shines as a line on the inner rim of the wheel to show where the tape a weight needs to be placed

Laser Line Guidance

Easily visible laser line helps operators place weights right where they are needed.

Color LCD displays red bar at the top with white numbers that show the imbalance location

Color LCD Display

Vivid color display alerts operator to the imbalance location and identifies the optimal tape on or clip weight location.

Black background on LCD screen that has yellow arrows pointing up

Live Position Indexing Guidance

Audio and graphics-based notifications alert operator when weight placement is needed.

On the left is a silhouette of a very large, generic wheel balancer with a caption saying “bulky base” and on the right is a line CAD drawing of a small, sleek Coats 1185 wheel balancer with a caption saying “compact base”

Big Features in a Little Package

With a small footprint, this unit is designed for light to medium duty environments, but still offers features you will find on much larger, more elaborate machines.

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Onsite Training

We’ll send our factory-trained, full time Coats technicians to your shop to train your technicians!

Built to Last

Coats products are made with high grade materials that are built to withstand the toughest working conditions