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APS 3000 Leverless Tire Changer

Engineered for Complete Customer Satisfaction

Leverless Duckhead with Auto Offset

The bead lifting tool eliminates traditional tire tools, and automatically offsets from the rim to prevent wheel damage.

Minimal Effort with Center Post Clamp & Wheel Lift

The integrated wheel lift carries heavy assemblies, reducing both damage risk to expensive wheels and back strain and the center post clamping system quickly locks wheels into place with minimal effort.

Bead Looseners and Roller Discs

Individually Operated Power Rollers provide easy bead loosening and assistance with mounting – also demounts lower bead without a tire tool.

The moveable roller disc toward the back of the tilt back tire changer is angled downward at the tire on the tabletop

The Ideal Tilt Back Tire Changer

Our APS tire changers share core elements with many of our other products, but we’ve added advanced innovation as you move up the line. That’s why a Coats APS tire changer is ideal for changing difficult, expensive or delicate wheels for your discerning customers.

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APX 90


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Onsite Training

We’ll send our factory-trained, full time Coats technicians to your shop to train your technicians!

Built to Last

Coats products are made with high grade materials that are built to withstand the toughest working conditions