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Coats Shows off New Products at SEMA & AAPEX 2023

Coats Shows Off Cutting-Edge Automotive Solutions at SEMA & AAPEX 2023


Las Vegas, NV (11/27/23) — Coats, a global leader in automotive service equipment, successfully concluded its participation at two major industry events, the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) 2023 and the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show 2023. The events were held at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Las Vegas Convention Center, respectively. 

AAPEX Highlights: LIVE Inspection Lane Demos & EV Lifts 

At AAPEX, Coats showcased its commitment to shaping the future of automotive servicing. Brent Radtke, Director of Product & Strategy for Coats, expressed enthusiasm about the event, stating, “With our newest offerings, Coats aims to improve shop profitability by driving workflow efficiency.” The Coats booths featured a wide range of solutions, including wheel service, alignment, lift, vehicle inspection, and productivity equipment. 

Visitors to The COATS Company’s booth at AAPEX 2023 experienced firsthand the company’s state-of-the-art tire service and wheel balancing solutions, such as the all-new Maxx Tire Changer Series and the popular Direct Drive Wheel Balancer Series. Coats also showcased their all-in-one 6500 3D Wheel Aligner, various lifts, and their automatic vehicle inspection lane. These innovations are designed to address the evolving needs of the industry and empower automotive professionals with tools that boost productivity and elevate service quality. 

A standout feature of the booth was the Coats Inspection Lane system, a fully touchless automated multi-point inspection system. As a vehicle moves through the inspection lane, they first encounter the precision of Coats’ BodyGuard system, capturing high-resolution videos and photos. This technology not only aids shops in defending against fraudulent claims but also provides an accurate snapshot of the vehicle’s condition as it enters and exits the facility. 

During live demonstrations at the AAPEX show, Coats featured a Tesla Model 3 moving through the inspection lane. This simulated scenario showcased the system’s prowess in scanning for imperfections on the vehicle’s exterior, assessing alignment, and measuring tire tread depth instantaneously. The Inspection Lane, equipped with Alignment check towers and a Tread Depth Scanner, generated comprehensive reports, empowering customers to make informed service decisions.  

Adding to the excitement, Coats previewed its brand-new EV Battery Lift in Bay 2 of Joe’s Garage. The Coats EV line featured the Coats’ new EV battery Lift, providing a safe and efficient solution for servicing EV vehicles. The lifts, renowned for their craftsmanship, showcased accessories engineered with top-tier quality. Notably, Coats’ low-profile adapter reaches complex lift points without compromising safety or risking damage to the battery or the vehicle’s undercarriage. 

Highlighting the safety concerns associated with servicing EV vehicles, Coats previewed a set of EV puck-style adapters, particularly popular with Tesla owners and other manufacturers entering the EV market. These adapters ensure no metal contact and prioritize technician safety. While designed to address the increasing variety of EV models, Coats adapters exhibited versatility, extending their functionality to non-EV-specific vehicles. These EV products will be available for purchase shortly. Stay tuned for more information on their official launch date in 2024. 

SEMA Highlights: Full Maxx Tire Changer Line on Display & APS 3000 Demos 

At SEMA, Coats continued to make a significant impact with an expanded presence at booth 44129, featuring an array of cutting-edge equipment. The booth exceeded expectations, showcasing the all-new Maxx Tire Changer series, popular direct-drive wheel balancers, the CWA 6500 3D wheel aligner, and Coats’ lift offerings. Attendees had the chance to engage in live demonstrations, immersing themselves in the equipment’s functionality.  

“After a year off, it felt incredible to be back at SEMA this year, and the Coats team did an amazing job delivering one of the best booth displays we’ve ever had,” said Mike Jaeger, National Sales Director for Coats. “Both SEMA and AAPEX give us a great opportunity to engage with a wide range of industry professionals from end-users to company presidents, to not only showcase some of our innovative products but more importantly listen to their feedback.” 

Direct Feedback on MAXX Tire Changers 

“Having rolled out the new lineup of MAXX tire changers earlier this year, Coats received direct feedback from current and prospective customers at both shows. “It was fantastic to get direct feedback from current and prospective customers on how the product enhancements will help drive capabilities, efficiencies, and safety within their workflow,” added Jaeger. “We listened to over two years of customer feedback when designing the MAXX series, and the extremely positive reactions are very validating.” 

“Smart, connected solutions continue to pop up in just about every facet of our industry,” commented Jaeger. “The Coats Company has transitioned its product offering to incorporate more smart solutions, and there is no slowing down. Excited for what is ahead!” 

In 2023, Coats celebrated significant milestones with the launch of the Maxx Tire Changer Series, designed to bring high-performance capabilities to all levels of automotive shops. The Maxx Series contains four different tire changer configurations to fit various applications and shop needs; the Maxx 90, 80, 70, and 50. Additionally, the company unveiled its completely redesigned website,, reflecting a continuous commitment to customers and future strategy. 

Exclusive Promotions  

As a special offer, Coats is still running its Limited Time FREE GOODS promotion through the end of the year with the Purchase of Select COATS Equipment. They have handpicked these FREE accessories to maximize your equipment’s capabilities and enhance your overall service experience. Ready to claim your FREE accessories? Contact your local Coats rep to get YOUR free goods while this deal lasts! 

About The COATS Company:  

Coats is a global leader in manufacturing and distributing wheel service, alignment, lift, and inspection equipment for the automotive market. With a legacy of over 75 years, Coats is committed to delivering equipment that is “Engineered to Perform, Designed to Last.” Their products are built with quality, durability, and usability in mind. They have a dedicated team of top-notch direct technicians across the United States to support their customers and their Coats equipment. They are proud to be made in Nashville, Tennessee while supplying equipment globally to their customers. Drawing on decades of expertise, market perspective, and innovative engineering, Coats keeps repair shops, tire dealers, big box retailers, and car dealerships rolling and ready for rapid industry evolution. 


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